August 09, 2017

Today in the Elvis & Kresse workshop Kresse sat down with Djazia Spowers to discuss custom made rugs. Elvis & Kresse recently launched an app to help you choose both the size and the pattern of your own rug but so far everyone is sticking to single colours. 

Kresse: Djazia, tell me what you thought of the customisation tool - did the blank field frighten you?

Djazia: No, but, if I hadn't been able to easily fill and then add the pattern I would have found it more difficult. It would have been intimidating to fill in each piece individually. 

Full Geometry     Subtle Shiraz on Black     French Motif

Kresse: Were you afraid of making a pattern error? Or designing an 'ugly' rug?

Djazia: Not at all, it was very easy to change. It is digital. I made several 'ugly' rugs but you can start over, it is very easy to go back. 

Kresse: How many rugs did you design?

Djazia: Nine or Ten in about an hour. At first I was just thinking about the designs, and experimented quite freely with random patterns. Ideally I would let these ideas settle for a while before coming up with a design I wanted on my floor. 

Kresse: Tell us about your favorite design?

Djazia: It really depends what kind of look you are going for. In a smart room I would want an ordered, more subtle pattern. In a heavily styled room I would go for less of a formal pattern, to ensure that the rug design did not conflict with the space. I would definitely design a rug with a particular room or space in mind. In the end I think I would want something quite simple, like this:

   Djazia's Favourite        

The image on the left is Djazia's design, the image on the right is the real life piece.


This design tool is for you to play with - you can design and share as many patterns as you like. The beauty of this system, too, is that even a finished piece is not set in stone. The rugs are hand woven, but they can be 'unwoven'. You can change the pattern and size over time by re-arranging your pieces or ordering a few more. 





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