March 25, 2020

Elvis & Kresse are embarking on an incredible adventure and are hiring a Project Manager:

The Post Doc Researcher or Equivalent should ideally be an open-minded, solutions oriented person whose glass is definitely half full. They should be able to work independently and from any location (as they are unlikely to be based near our site in Kent, UK). They should also be willing to be in London and Kent for at least some of the project. Beyond this, the following attributes are key:

  • An understanding of different forging processes and techniques
  • An understanding of aluminium and aluminium recycling and the health and safety issues involved
  • A hands on ability to plan, design and build a renewably powered forge to a limited budget with readily available materials
  • An understanding or a willingness to learn about the different renewable options – mirrors, solar panels, etc.
  • Either ‘engineers without borders’ experience or an ‘engineers without borders’ approach
Overall responsibility?

Our MacGyver/Project Manager will be responsible for coordinating design ideas from around the world, designing and building the forge and molds, testing the first designs, and managing the production budget.

What are we up to?

Oh, you know, nothing out of the ordinary, just trying to disrupt the failed, disengaged, industrial recycling system and donate a technology to the world that will be able to rescue the billions of aluminium cans that are NOT being recycled. If we succeed we just may be able to help with the renewable heating revolution too!

We are working with Queen Mary University on this project and the job posting is hosted by them. Interested? Find it here.

If you want to stay informed otherwise, drop us an email:

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