April 01, 2020

Elvis & Kresse is based in rural Kent and right now it is quiet. Our team is all at home, working remotely, which has posed an interesting set of challenges given that most of us are makers!

How do we stay POSITIVE!

1. Gratitude

Make a list of what and who you are grateful for - and if it is a who, then give them a call. We all need more gratitude and love right now.

2. Community Action

We are helping all of our neighbours, most of whom are in total lockdown as they are in high risk categories. Deliver food, collect medicine... and if you don't know about neighbours in need, trust me, there will be a website or app that can help you find some! Here is the link for the NHS Volunteer Responders:


3. Fitness

If you can't leave more than once a day for some exercise it means you really need to make time to keep moving. A couple of weeks ago, when we saw that social distancing might be on the cards we invited our local Pilates instructor, the wonderful Rebecca Still, to do a session with Kresse to share with you. Feel free to join in, even if it is only to laugh at Kresse! You can also find and join Rebecca live at:


AND, for those of you who find yourself sharing a home working space with a partner for the first time, we can offer 15 years of experience! Elvis & Kresse began in the bedroom of a shared house with a sewing machine and a rivet press beside our bed. How did we / do we do it? 

  1. We both want each other to do our absolute best, so we tell each other what we need and we deliver for each other. This sounds simple, but you have to be really clear about needs and really keen to deliver.
  2. We know each other's strengths and weaknesses. We rely on the strengths and either help with or have learned to accept the weaknesses.
  3. We see each other as equals and celebrate each other's success as our own.
  4. We don't overlap - we find our own space, pace, and areas of expertise, and then we trust each other to get things done.
  5. We can switch between being serious and having a laugh almost instantly.
  6. We got lucky, well I did anyway. If you've met Elvis, you would know.

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