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A keepsafe for your keepsakes

The Fire & Hide Small Box is made from rescued Burberry leather off-cuts, genuine decommissioned fire-hose and lined with reclaimed parachute silk. These diminutive and beautifully crafted boxes look great on your desk or side table and are perfect for storing away all your smallest valuables.  As with the rest of our range, 50% of the profits from this unique piece is donated to charity.

If you choose the personalisation option, this is achieved by laser etching directly into the fire-hose inside the Desk Tidy. We recommend not more than 40 characters. The font used is Times New Roman.

This case is available in various finite leather colours. The leather we rescue comes to us in very limited quantities, which means we can only ever craft a few pieces of any colour. The variations we have available will always change according to what leather off-cuts we are able to rescue.

The Fire & Hide Collection

In 2005 we fell in love with London's decommissioned fire-hose. Determined to save it from landfill we took this lifesaving material home, gave it a second chance, and vowed to donate 50% of the profits to the Fire Fighters Charity. But fire-hose was just the beginning.

Every year, 800,000 tonnes of leather ends up on the cutting room floor. Our leather partners cherish their hides, but no matter how carefully they cut their patterns, there will always be small seemingly unusable offcuts. To rescue this leather we developed a unique modular approach. We hand weave these fragments into whole new hides then lovingly recraft them into sustainable luxury bags and accessories. Our commitment to rescuing British fire-hoses remains the same, the trim, handles and internal detailing of the Fire & Hide range are all made from genuine decommissioned fire-hose. And we continue to donate 50% of profits to charity.

Our Fire & Hide Collection represents a whole new kind of luxury. One that is sustainable, ethical, transparent, generous and kind.


  • Dimensions: H 8.5 x W 8 x D 6cm
  • Combination of rescued Burberry leather and genuine decommissioned British fire-hose
  • Practical Design
  • Presented in a reclaimed parachute silk pouch
  • Debossed Elvis & Kresse logo
  • Handmade with painted edges
  • Repaired for life
  • Personalisation available
  • International delivery
  • 50% of profits go to Charity