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Elvis & Kresse's workshop sits at the heart of New Barns Farm. There is so much to experience but we should be able to cover everything in under 2 hours (depending on how many questions you have)! 

What will you see?

  • Our Workshop: including the materials we rescue, the processes we use to transform them and our finished products
  • Our Farm: our compost and compost tea set-up, our vineyard, our regenerative agriculture practices, and our wetland based sewage treatment system

Who will you meet?

  • Elvis or Kresse
  • Our incredible team

What will you learn?

  • Why and how we rescue and prepare our raw materials
  • How we make finished pieces
  • How we operate our farm according to regenerative agriculture philosophies
  • How we are supporting biodiversity and addressing climate change

Will you be able to buy products?

  • Yes absolutely! And more importantly, the cost of your tour can be entirely recovered with the purchase of any item. 
  • If there is anything you would really like to see, just let us know when you book or when you arrive!

If you have a group that would like to arrange a private tour, please contact us directly