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Leave on your favourite trousers

Our Big Yellow Belt - handcrafted from rarer decommissioned yellow fire-hose with a solid West End buckle in a silver gun metal finish, this 4cm belt really stands out in a crowd. No two yellows are the same, as fire-hoses age their colour tends to darken which means that some of our belts can be a brighter English Mustard colour and others can be much closer to a tan. If you have any questions or preferences, do let us know. At the moment we only have our darkest yellows available.

Every belt will be wholly individual, proudly carrying with it the heroic firefighting history of the hose itself. 

All our belts are measured from the fold that holds the buckle to the third hole.
West End Belt Sizing Graphic
Sizes are:
XS - 31” S - 33” M - 35” L - 37” XL - 39” XXL - 41”

The best way to ensure you receive the correct size is to measure an existing belt from the fold to the hole that you most use, then pick the corresponding size from the table above. Other sizes may be available by request.


  • Genuine decommissioned rare Yellow British fire-hose
  • West End buckle in a silver gun metal finish
  • Presented in a reclaimed pouch
  • Etched Elvis & Kresse logo
  • Handmade with hand-painted edges
  • Water resistant, Wipe-clean 
  • Vegan
  • Repair service available
  • International delivery
  • 50% of profits go to The Fire Fighters Charity


We fell in love with London's decommissioned fire-hose back in 2005 through a chance encounter with the London Fire Brigade. We took this lifesaving material home determined to breathe new life into it and save it from its otherwise inevitable end in landfill.

Our Fire-hose pieces are more than just a collection, they represents a whole new kind of luxury. One that is sustainable, ethical, transparent, generous and kind.

50% of profits donated

Since 2005 we have been rescuing all of London's retired fire-hose by lovingly handcrafting them into sustainable luxury bags and accessories. Every year since, Elvis & Kresse have donated 50% of the profits from the Fire-hose Collection to The Fire Fighters Charity. This heroic material, once used to save lives, gets a second chance to keep giving back.


I recently purchased a belt for my dad for his birthday, which was personalised with the date he joined the LFB. He absolutely loves it, and couldn't wait to 'show the lads' at the station. He said it was amazing, the best gift, and so beautifully made.


How lovely it was to meet you and the team yesterday. Let’s not even get started on Monty! I actually had to tear myself away from him. I was pretty tired and the thought of sitting on the floor cuddling him was almost too tempting. As mentioned yesterday, I discovered Elvis & Kresse while looking for some leather-free belts. The more I looked into it, the more apparent it was that I was looking at more than just another company who sell things and I got quite inspired. Reading the companies story and especially Kresse’s background made it clear this was a company I wanted to know. How delightful that I had the chance to actually meet and talk to her briefly.