Announcing our 5 Year Partnership with the Burberry Foundation

No matter how carefully patterns for leather goods are planned, high quality, unused, freshly tanned and dyed leather falls to the cutting room floor as seemingly unusable pieces. Our system transforms leather fragments from the production of Burberry leather goods into components which are then hand woven, piece by piece, into whole new hides.

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Each year, 800,000 tonnes of beautiful leather ends up on the cutting room floor. Our leather partners, the best of British luxury, cherish their hides and the waste they produce is in small seemingly unusable pieces. In order to rescue these fragments we developed a modular approach. We created three shapes that interlock to create whole new hides. Each shape is individually cut before we lovingly hand weave them together, piece by piece, creating a strong, beautiful and tactile new material.

Fire & Hide is more than a collection, it represents a whole new kind of luxury. One that is sustainable, ethical, transparent, generous and kind.


Fire & Hide Collection

A sumptuous blend of
rescued leather and genuine decommissioned fire-hose

Our rescued raw materials set us apart