Sustainable Shoulder Bags

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Reclaimed | Ethical | Handmade

Discover the charm and durability of sustainable shoulder bags from Elvis & Kresse. Each piece in our collection embodies our commitment to ethical luxury and environmental stewardship. Crafted from innovative materials like decommissioned fire-hoses and rescued leather, these shoulder bags not only offer unique aesthetics but also tell a story of transformation and sustainability.

At Elvis & Kresse, we ensure that every shoulder bag is made with the utmost care and precision. Our skilled artisans transform rescued materials into stunning, high-quality accessories, where each bag is a testament to the possibilities of upcycled fashion. By choosing our sustainable shoulder bags, you support fair labour practices and the fight against waste, as we strive to redefine what it means to be stylish and responsible.

Our shoulder bags are designed for versatility and durability, making them perfect for both daily use and special occasions. With features like adjustable straps and ample storage space, they provide both comfort and functionality without compromising on style. Investing in a sustainable shoulder bag from Elvis & Kresse not only enhances your wardrobe but also contributes to a greener planet, with 50% of our profits donated to charitable causes supporting people and the planet. Explore our collection today and make a choice that reflects your commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion.