Sustainable Accessories

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Reclaimed | Ethical | Handmade

Because we are passionate about the planet, our sustainable accessories are made from reclaimed materials. This collection is comprised of belts, wallets, key-rings, pencil cases and more, offering eco-friendly options for those who care about reuse and making a positive impact. Great as gifts, each piece represents a genuine reduction of waste.

We choose materials such as decommissioned fire-hoses and scrap leather, rescued from the fate of landfill. Then, we transform these materials into high-quality accessories. We preserve and cherish materials that already exist. The most environmental material, remember, is the one that already exists.

Elvis & Kresse accessories are made by our team of skilled artisans who share our vision of a better world. They meticulously craft each piece to make them durable, functional, and stylish. We believe in fair labour practices which is why we manufacture every piece ourselves and are an accredited Living Wage employer 

When you choose an ethical accessory from Elvis & Kresse, you are purchasing a product and investing in a more sustainable future. 50% of the profits from our collections go towards charities that support environmental and social causes, amplifying your impact.

Explore our range of sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly accessories today. Find the perfect piece that aligns with your values and style, and wear it proudly. With Elvis & Kresse, you can accessorise with intention while keeping the environment in mind.