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Come and stay at the farm!

For our first two years at the farm The Field House was home for Elvis, Kresse and Monty... it was the perfect place to escape while the workshop was under construction and as the whole farm was transformed. 

Now we would love to share it with you!

The atmosphere is relaxed and quiet and not available on airbnb. A simple, one double bed cottage with a galley kitchen (stocked with basics like olive oil, salt, pepper, tea and coffee, tableware, pots, pans etc.) and perfect for a getaway. It is at the heart of our organic and regenerative farm, overlooks a wetland and is entirely private. There is Wifi but there is no TV and mobile reception is limited... check-in and tune-out!

If you have any questions, or any requests just get in touch and we will do our best.

The cottage is £95.00 per night, with a 2 night minimum booking. No hotel pricing as this is not a hotel - it is just a lovely place to be... and if you answer anything other than 3 to the following multiple choice question, maybe not for you:

It is dusk, an owl hoots outside and you step out to hear it better. While enjoying the stars a rare frog hops in the door and when you turn to head in you spot it, looking quizzically at you from the kitchen. Do you:

Dash for your mobile to call your hosts at the farm to come and solve this problem for you.

Put a pot on it upside down and pretend it isn't there.

Be grateful that we still have frogs, put on some rubber gloves (under the sink in the kitchen - gloves are the best way to protect the frog), wet the gloves, then gently pick up the frog, supporting it from underneath. Take it back outside, and place it close to the wetland. Come back in, wash your hands with the gloves on and remove gloves. Get online and try and identify the frog or toad.

If your stay coordinates with our workshop opening hours, Monday to Friday - 08:30-17:00 then you are welcome to pop in for a look around. If you would like a more formal tour then we can arrange that separately - or you can try to coordinate your stay with one of our workshops or experiences.

For full Booking Terms and Conditions head here.


We fell in love with London's decommissioned fire-hose back in 2005 through a chance encounter with the London Fire Brigade. We took this lifesaving material home determined to breathe new life into it and save it from its otherwise inevitable end in landfill.

Our Fire-hose pieces are more than just a collection, they represents a whole new kind of luxury. One that is sustainable, ethical, transparent, generous and kind.

50% of profits donated

Since 2005 we have been rescuing all of London's retired fire-hose by lovingly handcrafting them into sustainable luxury bags and accessories. Every year since, Elvis & Kresse have donated 50% of the profits from the Fire-hose Collection to The Fire Fighters Charity. This heroic material, once used to save lives, gets a second chance to keep giving back.


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for our amazing stay in your cottage and also making our 30th Wedding Anniversary a special one. Your ethos and everything you are doing on the farm is truly inspiring and your guided tour of the farm and workshop gave us a real insight to the passion you both put into it. Even whilst working you still found time to advise on best places to go in the beautiful town of Faversham. What you are doing at the farm is truly unique and you will definitely be seeing us again and I can’t wait to return when your first bottles of wine come off the production line which I’m sure is going to be amazing. And as expected my wife loved her handbag but even more after she saw the passion you both put into making your collection of truly amazing and unique items.

Stephen & Emma

There are weekends away in splendid hotels with luxurious suites, fabulously styled wine bars with cosy vintage leather sofas in front of open roaring fires….and then there are those weekends away where time stands still and you end up questioning the very fabric of life and our ephemeral existence in this world. It starts with the hosts. If you know who Elvis & Kresse are and what they do, you’ll know they’re a talented couple that have created a company which I believe to be world class. E&K have developed a business which once you know them, are hard to forget or ignore. They are the perfect, if there is such a thing, embodiment of a company which engenders a feeling that companies really can be a force for good.