Leather Accessories

- Sustainable Luxury -

Reclaimed | Ethical | Handmade

Elvis & Kresse’s exceptional collection of leather accessories are meticulously crafted from rescued leather with genuine decommissioned British fire-hose trim. Our accessories collection includes wallets, card holders, keychains and cufflinks; they are all designed with precision and purpose, offering style and functionality.

Our leather accessories are perfect for those who appreciate the finer details and are passionate about sustainable fashion. The hand-stitched rescued leather pieces retain all the character of leather, but with none of the environmental footprint, and the previous history of the life-saving hoses gives each accessory a unique character.

The compact designs are ideal for everyday use, aiming to help you organise your essentials. Each purchase also supports the circular economy due to our commitment to material reuse and our 50% donation to charity, because capital needs to be circular too! 

Discover the perfect leather accessory to complement your lifestyle at Elvis & Kresse.