Leather Notebooks

- Sustainable Luxury -

Reclaimed | Ethical | Handmade

Record your thoughts, dreams, and plans in a luxurious Elvis & Kresse leather notebook, which is made out of environmentally friendly rescued leather with reclaimed fire-hose trim. Our notebooks are refillable too, ensuring a long life. If you are a prolific writer why not add an extra refill to your order?

Each rescued leather notebook combines the distinct character of upcycled fire-hose with the refined touch of leather, rescued remnants from the production of Burberry goods.  Great for both personal reflection or professional use, these notebooks also make perfect gifts or personal keepsakes!

The leather covers are specifically designed to age gracefully and gain character over time, ensuring that your notebook will be with you for a long while. Inside, high-quality recycled paper provides an excellent base for both writing and drawing.

We are committed to the environment and community is embedded in every piece. 50% of the profits from these notebooks support The Fire Fighters Charity and Barefoot College International (where our scholarships enable women with no previous access to education to train as solar engineers). 

Browse our selection to find a rescued leather notebook that resonates with your style.