Leather Luggage

- Sustainable Luxury -

Reclaimed | Ethical | Handmade

Discover Elvis & Kresse’s range of leather luggage. All of these pieces are made with rescued leather we collect from our partners, like Burberry, and then combined with retired fire-hose trim. We transform these materials into durable, stylish travel companions that offer a good blend of sustainability and practicality.

With functionality at the heart of our design process, our rescued leather luggage have been created for individuals who value quality and a touch of uniqueness. The robust nature of the upcycled fire-hose trim provides a strong scaffolding for the rescued leather panels. Our bags are a stylish choice for train lovers and adventure seekers.

Each piece of luggage is carefully made, featuring ample space to keep your belongings secure and organised. The distinctive texture and colour variations of rescued leather pair perfectly with fire-hose trim making every item a one-of-a-kind piece that stands out. 

As we are committed to sustainability, we donate 50% of our profits to charities that support the fire service community and environmental initiatives. Explore our leather luggage collection to explore responsibly and with style, knowing that your choice supports ethical practices and contributes to the preservation of the planet.