Recycled Fire Hose Purses

- Sustainable Luxury -

Reclaimed | Ethical | Handmade

Every piece in our collection of fire-hose purses combines functionality with a unique, extraordinary backstory. This is because all our purses are crafted from genuine decommissioned fire-hoses, which makes them the perfect purses for those who seek to blend fashion with environmental consciousness.

Our fire-hose purses are available in various styles and sizes and as each one features the robust, water resistent qualities of the fire-hose, our purses are also incredibly durable for everyday use.

If you buy an Elvis & Kresse fire-hose purse, you are simultaneously supporting our sustainable practices and our pledge to donate half of our profits to the fire service community, via The Fire Fighters Charity. Shop now to find a purse that’s as practical as it is ethical.