Vegan Leather Belts

- Sustainable Luxury -

Reclaimed | Ethical | Handmade | 'Leather Look'

Our collection of vegan leather belts combine style, durability, and ethics. Why are they vegan? Because they are made from decommissioned fire-hoses, reclaimed printing blankets and metal buckles, and they contain no animal derived material. These lovingly reused materials are a genuinely high-quality vegan leather alternative. Our belts provide a stylish and sustainable alternative to traditional leather which ensures that no animals were harmed in their making.

These belts are designed to suit a variety of styles and occasions. Each belt is made carefully, featuring robust hardware and a range of colour options to complement any outfit. 

Sustainability and ethical practices are at the core of what we do, therefore our vegan leather belts are made entirely by our own team, and we are a certified Living Wage employer. 

By choosing our vegan belts, you are making a choice that supports animal welfare and promotes a more sustainable fashion industry.