May 31, 2019

A few weeks ago I sat down with James Mitra, founder of JBM Consulting, to contribute to their 40 Minute Mentor series.

James met Elvis on a train years ago by complete coincidence and it started a small butterfly effect we couldn't have foreseen, which we also talk about in this podcast. It goes to show how even the smallest encounter, conversation, or deed can make a significant difference.

This podcast is a great way to learn a bit about my personal background, the foundation of Elvis & Kresse, the hurdles we had throughout the years, and our plans for the future.

And for a play by play?

  • 3:15: I give you my CV in 30 seconds
  • 3:45: United World Colleges, and how this incredible education influenced both how we live and run the business 
  • 5:15: A little admission, I don't always think things through...
  • 8:00: The beginnings of Elvis & Kresse
  • 11:00: Our first big order
  • 14:20: Our mission, rewriting the rules on success
  • 16:30: Our DNA - Rescue, Transform, Donate
  • 18:20: Our industry, the luxury industry, has systematically failed
  • 19:15: Fundraising, or not...
  • 19:50: Bumps in the road
  • 22:15: Finding Tonge Mill, the big move to Kent
  • 23:15: All about WASTE
  • 24:45: The practical circular economy, Bulb Energy, the Planetary Health Diet and Ebay...
  • 29:00: Our goals for 2019
  • 30:50: Elvis, Elvis, Elvis...
  • 34:00: Our team
  • 40:20: Work/Life Imbalance
  • 42:20: What to do first if you are thinking of starting a business
  • 44:50: My inspiration

Please do listen to it here or skip to the part that calls to you the most.


- Kresse

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