April 03, 2018

For the past several years Kresse has given an annual lecture to the One Planet MBA class at Exeter University. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet the new cohort of students who are keen to simultaneously advance their careers while learning how this can be done for the benefit of planet and people, as opposed to at their expense. 

Exeter University Business School

It is a diverse, engaged and talented group. Their detailed, challenging questions are a joy to respond to and reflect incredibly well on the One Planet program. We love that they share our values, here is how they express them:   

"business success and sustainability go hand in hand. As we work with entrepreneurs, again and again we find a direct link between meeting customer needs and achieving positive environmental and social impacts. The best entrepreneurs take this a step further; they have a holistic and borderless view of business; they are motivated by the urgency of addressing big challenges and engage with the technologies and networks that make innovation possible."

The story of Elvis & Kresse gets richer with each passing year, as we grow, as we push the boundaries of what we are capable of doing and as we extend our commitment to problem solving to yet more unwanted or underloved materials. Preparing these lectures is a fantastic opportunity to review, challenge and plan the year ahead. 

Thank you Exeter and your borderless view of business! Until next Spring... 

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