November 27, 2020

Last night we received an extraordinary phone call.

It was Nurse Sarah McNary, someone we have never met, calling from Massachusetts. She has a rather awesome tradition for thanksgiving. It isn't about gathering with family, or eating a turkey, it's about letting someone know how grateful you are for the work that they do. She wanted to tell us how amazing it was that we turn old hoses into beautiful things and donate 50% of the profits to the Fire Fighters Charity.

Sarah has been following us through our newsletters for three years. She likes to sew. She has a collection of US Military parachutes from her time serving on an American base in Germany. Just like us, she is going to upcycle them. She was full of stories about how tough the pandemic has been on her local fire crew and how their mental health is at risk. She and her partner take part in annual fundraising events to support them. She goes over with pizza, to chat, and provide informal counselling.

At this point in the call I was in tears.

Last night Nurse Sarah McNary brought the spirit of American Thanksgiving to our small Kent workshop in its purest form.

It's not everyday that you get a phone call from a hero who seems completely oblivious to their own goodness.

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