April 22, 2018

This weekend we were featured in the Financial Times How To Spend It feature magazine on interiors. 

Very large reclaimed leather rug Elvis & Kresse are sending to Montana, Shiraz

Flipping through the pages, it was impossible to miss the quality, history and craftsmanship behind some of the pieces. It is a real honour to be included. One interesting note, we were among three brands featured for being 'good', And we wondered, why are there only three?

This isn't fashion, people don't refresh sofas or rugs like they do their clothing, not yet, thank goodness, so why shouldn't there be more ethical, sustainable brands on show? These are 'keepers', these are the pieces that are literally 'part of the furniture', they last for decades, if not centuries... The home is one place where buying good should be a lot easier as it should be easier to consider the investment?

Our rugs are made from thousands of pieces of hand-cut, hand-woven leather. We do offer them in standard colours and sizes but try our 'customisation' app and design your own. Have some fun! 

Custom reclaimed leather rug - Elvis & Kresse

By their very nature and design, these rugs can be remade and repaired over time. They help us to employ apprentices in Kent, save thousands of kilos of leather and 50% of the profits will go to renewable energy projects. 

Our rugs are not just amazing to have in your home, they create an amazing legacy of goodness. Thank you to Tim Auld for featuring us, and keep your eyes peeled in the future for this regular item called For Goodness' Sake.

Elvis & Kresse in Financial Times Magazine


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