Why Elvis & Kresse Never Do Sales - Say No To Black Friday

How we Feel about Black Friday

November 20, 2018

To put it very simply, we don't like Black Friday. We don't participate in Black Friday, other discount days or sales seasons.

Let me explain...

1 - Elvis & Kresse is not a fast moving consumer goods brand. We aren't fast at all. We are slow. Our materials are rescued and their transformation takes time. We build to last, not for obsolescence.

2 - We believe in good value every day, not just for a few days each year. Our pricing is based on labour, creativity and innovation; we have a highly skilled team, our goods are labour intensive and built to last. Our prices reflect the costs of running a pioneering ethical and sustainable business, which is more interested in impact than profit.

3 - We don't do seasons. We don't have different pieces for different times of the year, and we certainly aren't interested in the weekly collections or even 'daily-drops' being released across the fashion industry. Seasons or other forms of entrenched 're-freshing' naturally result in over-production and waste.

Fire-hose Washbag - Elvis & Kresse

      Our washbags photograph well in the snow, but they aren't just for Christmas.

4 - We produce in small batches and when these are sold we make more. We don't overproduce without knowing what works. This means we don't end up with dead-stock that we could only sell at a discount.

5 - Concentrating such a frenzy around a few random days of the year, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, China's 'Singles Day', Boxing Day, or any other seasonal sales days would be unsustainable for our small team. We have a happy team. There is no need to inject this kind of stress that might lead to purchases without thought and feeling.

6 - Elvis & Kresse are different by design. Always have been, always will be. The world, as it is, isn't good enough. If we want it to change, we have to behave differently. We have to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We can't simply lament, we have to act.