One Tree Per Child

One Tree Per Child

September 16, 2016

Last month we did a live interview for the Australian Waste & Recycling Exhibition (AWRE) direct from Tonge Mill in the UK. A week later we received the most incredible thank you gift; AWRE planted 74 trees, one in honour of each speaker. The trees were planted by Steve Joblin and his team at Flowerdale Landcare, Vic.

As many of you may remember, this area was devastated by bush-fires in the summer of 2009. For the past 8 years, Flowerdale and Kinglake community groups have been working endlessly to help the revegetate the district and entice the wildlife back. They are doing a mighty job.

No words, no cards, just trees... this was the best thank you we have ever received.

Imagine the impact we could have on climate change if the money spent on thank you cards was spent on planting trees. We have a few ex-tree planters in the wider Elvis & Kresse family, they were paid an average of $0.10 per tree. Your average gift card costs more than 10 times this amount, which means 10 trees. 

And then we learned about One Tree per Child, which was launched by Jon Dee, the same Australian that interviewed us for AWRE. One Tree per Child is a charity that aims to help every primary school child plant a tree as part of their curriculum. The charity wants children to make a genuine, quantifiable contribution to our battle to protect the environment. It is a powerful idea. If all goes well that child can watch that tree grow over the entire course of their life.

And if we want to be really audacious... take a look at these guys. This is possibly the best potential use of drones.