Our First Hay Festival

Our First Hay Festival

May 25, 2017

What a joyful, sunny, dream day. It really started the night before, when we stayed with our friends, the founders of Riversimple. They are designing a hydrogen car system that aims to eliminate the environmental impact of personal travel.

Steve Dring was also there, he is an incredible environmental entrepreneur, who grows micro-greens in an abandoned London Tube Station. It was a hot night, we were up late in their garden, drinking wine and discussing our businesses and their respective challenges. They live on the Welsh border, but it felt a lot more like Tuscany or Provence. 

The next day we all shared the stage at Hay, talking about the environment and enjoying the sounds of thousands of children enjoying the festival and its several ice cream stands. 

Days like these, filled with fun and curiosity and truly innovative solutions, are certainly good for the soul. 

This won't be our last trip to Hay.