December 15, 2017

95% of British fire-hoses are red, but only 5% are yellow. For years our pallet has been dominated by lustrous shades of rich deep red. But over the last few months, there has been a dramatic increase in colour in our workshop. 

Our Fire & Hide Collection combines our signature fire-hose with the unique system we have designed to rescue leather. This system transforms leather fragments from the production of Burberry leather goods into components which are then hand woven, piece by piece, into whole new hides.

Although the leather will flow to us in some regular expected colours, like black and brown, we also receive tiny amounts of very distinct colours and textures. This means you will start to see completely individual pieces on our site. 

This Fire & Hide Duffel Bag is our third One of a Kind. It combines a clear yellow textured leather reclaimed from the production of Burberry leather goods with genuine decommissioned British fire-hose, also in yellow. Due to the material available, we could only make one. When it's gone, it's gone.

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