September 08, 2021

Earlier last month, one of our incredible customers sent us an utterly unique item to be re-used. A paraglider wing! As we already use parachute silk in our bags, accessories and protective packaging, we knew that in theory this would be something we could rescue.

Decomissioned Customer Paraglider - Elvis & Kresse

The fact this was a glider which had already lived its life to the full made it an even more exciting project. A few days later we received an enormous box containing the glider wing and a wonderful letter from its previous owner, Rebecca... We enjoyed the process so much we wanted to share our transformation journey with you.

Open Vintage Paraglider Wing - Elvis &  Kresse

When we unpacked this at our workshop we were absolutely blown away by the sheer size and complexity of the wing. Rebecca kindly shared her wing's story; the majority of its flights have been in mid wales, but it also carried her to a dizzying 10,000ft in Central Spain, and other flights in the French and Austrian alps.

Paraglider Shopping Bags - Elvis & Kresse

The wing is made from industrial nylon, and the design combines baffles and pockets to catch and release air, it is extremely light and yet undeniably durable. It is also strong, every Gin wing is tested to 8 times its maximum load. The wing we have rescued, rated at 90kg, has been tested to 720kg! We will likely be able to transform this into more than 50 shoppers and more than 100 smaller pouches. This wing will live on and on and on.

Paraglider Tote/Shopping Bag - Elvis & KresseReclaimed Paraglider Tote Bag - Elvis & Kresse

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