September 09, 2020

About a month ago we received a lovely email from a customer with a beloved family tent on her hands, it had finally given up the ghost. After years of providing shelter and happy family memories, it was no longer water proof and no longer usable as a tent.

Given that tents are often made of coated, woven nylon, and have lots of composite components and accessories they are not currently recyclable within the UK...


They are definitely reusable. Our team deconstructed the tent, cleaned it, and re-manufactured every last inch into dust covers, handles, and other pieces of packaging. Traditionally we use failed parachute silk panels for our protective dust covers, which come in green, orange, gold or white. This tent was grey and red, so if you have recently placed an order and spotted some red or grey then you have been one of the lucky ones that have helped us rescue a wonderful family tent!

A rescued family tent by Elvis & Kresse

Rather amazingly, the rescued fabric has contributed to 248 different pieces! We ask ourselves "Why do we need new textiles?" and "Why are tents ever abandoned?" - Why indeed!

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