December 28, 2020

Vedett Elvis & Kresse Beer

Back in April we received a lovely message from a company we knew almost nothing about. Here is what they sent:

Vedett is a creative beer brand from Belgium and we don’t take ourselves so serious.
To follow your dreams, don't take the world around you too seriously. And that is not easy because out there rules peer pressure; "The pressure to conform".
Once the internet was a platform of ideas and a paradise of opinions, social media makes everything more uniform than ever: You choose a lifestyle, or you are put away as "STUPID".
Our entire brand is built on "believing in your own truth". Whether so-called beer lovers, the Pope, or the rest of the world like it or not, we are not so concerned with that.
That's why we love people who are following their own path. We want to celebrate the STTUPID, because… it’s not STTUPID if it works.
From the beginning in 2003 we have always personalized our Vedett bottles with pictures of our consumers, of people we wanted to give their 15 minutes of fame.
Now we want to take it even further and put people on our bottles and share their story, people that are doing something extraordinary.
Therefore we want to put their picture on there with a link to a little documentary.
This way they can spread their story even further all over the world because it’s not about us, it’s about you.


Of course, we said yes. And the beers are finally out! Do let us know if you spot them - they sell all across Belgium and the Netherlands. 

We hope you are enjoying a lovely holiday break, now seemed like the right time to share some fun news, hoping for much more like this in 2021!

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