August 07, 2019

Yesterday we found ourselves in a lovely piece in The Independent by journalist Tamara Abraham. It was a detailed review of 10 women's wallets and purses. You can find the full article here.

Rescued Leather and Retired Fire-hose Purse - Elvis & Kresse"Everything about this Elvis & Kresse purse is thoughtfully designed, from the hand-woven leather made from offcuts that would otherwise be discarded, to the decommissioned fire hose trim and reclaimed parachute silk lining. There are a mammoth 12 card slots, a zipped coin pocket and additional slots roomy enough to hold an iPhone. Plus 50 per cent of the brand’s profits go to charity."

We don't often share the press we receive, but in this case we couldn't resist. We wanted to share it because everything we work so hard at was neatly summed up and was, indeed, why we won.

We don't know this journalist or how she got one of our Fire & Hide Purses to review and certainly didn't pay for the mention, so we are even more pleased by this incredible validation.


"The verdict: Women’s wallets and purses

Ironically, you get what you pay for with wallets. There’s no reason not to go for a budget buy that suits your style and needs, but the more high-end pieces tend to be more intelligently designed and better made. Elvis & Kresse’s roomy wallet ticked all the boxes in terms of style, craftsmanship, sustainability and values, and for that reason it’s our winner."

Don't worry, this won't make us complacent. There is still so much more waste that we can rescue and transform, there are years of donations ahead. It is just lovely, once in a while, to be happy with the impact we've made so far.

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