November 01, 2022

Remember where we started? A green gully just below the farmyard... In August 2021 we dug our four swales and the final pond. Our last task was to cover all of the tops with woodchip (to avoid weeds from taking over and to avoid losing the topsoil). If you want to read the full story, here it is.

Then we waited for about two weeks before adding the first few hardy plants in early September. I am not sure we needed to wait... we mostly needed to recharge the batteries!

We connected the system and started charging it up with our waste water and its nutrients. Then we waited until almost Spring. In March, Jay came back and we planted a variety of coppicing willow, about 1200 in total. Willow is a fast growing hardwood (if we ever need the fuel) but we plan to keep the carbon locked away by weaving with it.


Then as Spring really arrived or on April 26th 2022 to be precise, Clara and her team came to plant the rest of the wetland.

And then here we are today... During the drought this summer this system kept being topped up, just by our waste water. That kept it green, alive, and a haven for insects, amphibians, birds, and small mammals. 

Although you can see some yellowing in the taller plants (due to the drought) our system is thriving and healthy. This is what the sewage system of biophiles looks like. 

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