October 13, 2020

What is a Social Enterprise?

We are very proud to be a Social Enterprise. We are a special breed of business that exists to solve social and environmental problems and reinvests the majority (at least 50%) of its profits back into social and environmental projects. There are some big social enterprises, like the Eden Project and the Big Issue but many of them are small, in fact, around 9% of small businesses in the UK are social enterprises!

BUT. Don't mistake our size for a lack of impact. UK Social Enterprises employ  2 million people and contribute £60 Billion to the UK economy, which is about 3% of GDP.

To find a Social Enterprise near you, you can search by post code, region, mission or product/service at this link. Or look for this logo!

Why #BuySocial?

When you buy from a Social Enterprise you are maximising your money's positive impact on society and the environment.

For example, when you buy something from our Fire-hose Collection you are rescuing fire-hose from landfill, ensuring that it has a long and healthy second life, contributing to our annual donation to the Fire Fighters Charity, helping us to offer apprenticeships and work experience opportunities in our local community and you are supporting the manufacture of bags and belts that aren't just the best in the world, but the best for the world.

Rescued Tea Sack Leaflet
Here is a detailed definition of a Social Enterprise, you can see why we are proud to have been part of this movement since day one!

  • Your business has a clear social or environmental mission that is set out in its governing documents.
  • You are an independent business and earn more than half of your income through trading (or are working towards this).
  • You are controlled or owned in the interests of your social mission.
  • You reinvest or give away at least half your profits or surpluses towards your social purpose.
  • You are transparent about how you operate and the impact that you have.

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