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Over the last few years Elvis & Kresse have curated a series of events in London with British Standard. We got along so well that we decided to collaborate on strong, simple handles handmade in Kent from our signature decommissioned London fire-hoses. 

British Standard make beautifully simple wooden cupboards that are delivered to your door ready made. The range is underpinned by a commitment to craftsmanship, an obsession with great British design and a belief that creativity in the home should be celebrated. British Standard also provide a free design service that enables customers to identify a layout that is as enduring and practical as the cupboards themselves.


  • Dimensions:
    Large Trunk Handle: 325 x 46mm
    Medium Trunk Handle: 172 x 32mm
    Loop Handle: 150 x 32mm
  • Each piece comes with between 2 and 4 Brass No.6 Raised head brass slotted screws at 5/8" (16mm) long (as required) 
  • Genuine decommissioned red British fire-hose
  • Practical Design
  • Etched Elvis & Kresse logo on the back
  • Hand cut and painted in Kent, UK
  • Water resistant, Wipe-clean
  • Vegan
  • Repaired for life
  • Personalisation available
  • International delivery
  • 50% of profits go to The Fire Fighters Charity
Elvis & Kresse reclaimed leather