Design traditionally begins with an idea, for Elvis & Kresse, design begins with a problem. It is the material and the scale of the problem which dictate what we will make and how we make it. In the case of the fire-hose, we scrubbed away the soot and grease that builds up after 25 years of active duty and discovered a truly remarkable, truly green textile. We wanted to honour this tough, life saving material, hence our focus on quality craftsmanship and classic, timeless design. We build as much value as we can into each piece and style them for use beyond single seasons. All Elvis & Kresse products are hand-made and unique.

It would never be enough to give an old fire-hose a somewhat useful life, we must transform it, make it desirable or useful in and of itself; something you would want even if it were not recycled, even without the ethics. Elvis spent five years perfecting a billfold wallet - ensuring malleability, strength, and classic, practical styling. And although it is here, and it is wonderful, he is still working on it. This same dedication is applied to everything we do, from how we collect and prepare our materials to how we finish and package the pieces.

Our process emulates kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. The refurbished pieces are worth significantly more than their new, undamaged counterparts. Our materials are shown this same level of care, they are cherished.

Elvis & Kresse make honest, genuine, practical pieces; from the belt you leave on your favourite jeans to the bag you couldn’t leave home without. Elvis & Kresse is tradition re-engineered.