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Luxury feel under your feet

The Elvis & Kresse leather rugs are constructed from hundreds of interlocking pieces of the finest quality leather; leather that we reclaim from a cross section of the very best British leathercraft manufacturers. Our leather partners cherish their hides, the waste they produce is in small seemingly unusable pieces, which is why we have had to develop this modular approach. We only work with the off-cuts produced by our leather partners so every piece we create is unique.

Due to this modular concept our rugs are designed for deconstruction, we want them to have a long and varied life. We have created three shapes that can interlock with infinite potential. The three shapes can help the rugs to be remade, and reinvented through time. We hope that our rugs are just the beginning. We can’t wait to see what we might make, or what you will.

We also supply custom-sized underlay with each rug, which when placed underneath the leather rug make them feel wonderful underfoot.

We offer 3 standard sizes: Small, Medium and Large* but we can make any size you want. The cost is £350 per M². Contact us with your request and we will arrange the rest.

Keen to make your own? These are labour intensive pieces. If this sounds like your kind of challenge you will save 40%. Why? You are saving us the labour of assembly. To obtain the discount and receive your rug kit, please use this code at check-out: Pieces Only 

* The rugs are woven by hand so the sizes may vary very slightly. Rugs are made to order, therefore products will be dispatched up to 3 working days from order. If there is a delay we will contact you to discuss. 

Available in dark black, ox-blood or caramel leather.


  • Genuine reclaimed leather
  • Available in 3 colours
  • Hand woven
  • All rugs come with underlay, giving the rugs a supmtuous feel under foot
  • Dimensions: Small, medium or large
  • Available in kit form for you to make your own, save 40% by using the code: Pieces Only
Custom leather rug by Elvis & Kresse

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