August 25, 2021

How is the Solar Forge Project you ask?

Our team at Queen Mary University have been hard at work throughout the pandemic. Although access to the labs became incredibly difficult and working remotely became the norm they somehow managed to experiment extremely wisely and here we are. We have a working solar forge!

We can now wash, dry, shred and melt littered aluminium cans with the power of the sun. And we can do this safely and inexpensively. 

Pure Can, Rescued Aluminium Cans via a Solar Forge by Elvis & Kresse


This image is of 'Pure Can' - melted in our forge and cast into sand. The little grip marks on one end are where we grabbed this first sample to pull it apart for strength testing. We are now in the phase of testing performance, ensuring that our cast pieces can function. 

For now we are just enjoying this lovely victory. Our main goal was a safe and  inexpensive solar forge. Mission accomplished!

We are nearing the finish line, we just need to perfect our casting methods and launch, hopefully by late 2021.

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