Leather Crossbody Bags

- Sustainable Luxury -

Reclaimed | Ethical | Handmade

Our collection of leather crossbody bags are crafted from rescued leather and trimmed with reclaimed fire-hose, both environmentally friendly materials. Elvis & Kresse crossbody bags offer a practical, hands-free experience without having to compromise on style or ethics. They are perfect for those on the go as they provide comfort, versatility, and a variety of sizes depending on what you need for all your essentials.

Each bag features an adjustable crossbody strap. We have a broad selection of crossbodies, there is a size and set of pockets for everyone. The distinctive look of upcycled fire-hose combined with rescued leather will always stand out, giving you an individual look

The Elvis & Kresse leather crossbody bags combine personal convenience with a commitment to the planet. Plus, 50% of the profits are donated to our charity partners. With the Fire Fighters Charity we are supporting the fire service community, and with Barefoot College International we are fighting climate change by creating scholarships for women to train as solar engineers.  

Add a touch of sustainable elegance to your wardrobe with our leather crossbody bags, perfect for daily use or special occasions.