Sustainable Laptop Sleeves, Cases & Bags

- Sustainable Luxury -

Reclaimed | Ethical | Handmade

Protect your technology with our sustainable laptop sleeves, laptop cases, laptop bags and other technology cases from Elvis & Kresse. Each piece is crafted from reclaimed materials, like decommissioned fire-hoses and rescued leather, to ensure that our laptop sleeves, cases and bags offer the perfect combination of style, sustainability, and durability. 

You will notice from our technology collection that each piece consists of various components; this represents our goal of zero waste design, where we maximise the use of all the materials we rescue, aligning with our mission to promote sustainability in every aspect of our production.

Our laptop cases, sleeves, and bags are practical, stylish and ethically responsible. They feature a sleek, contemporary design that suits any setting, whether this is the boardroom or a coffee shop. Your essential devices are protected wherever you go.

This collection is made with care by our highly skilled crafts team and the environment is considered a priority. You will notice that sustainability is key in all our decision making, including the donation of 50% of our profits to good causes.

Elvis & Kresse has been designing, manufacturing and delivering sustainable technology accessories since 2005.