Vegan Leather Bags

- Sustainable Luxury -

Reclaimed | Ethical | Handmade | 'Leather Look'

Discover our vegan leather bags at Elvis & Kresse! Why are they vegan? Because they are made from decommissioned fire-hoses, reclaimed printing blankets and rescued nylon parachutes, and they contain no animal derived material. They're perfect for eco-conscious fashion lovers, combining sustainability, ethics, and style. Plus, our rescued vegan materials are all very high quality, making these bags a great way to carry all your things guilt-free and still look fabulous.

Our vegan bags pay attention to detail and are committed to environmental responsibility. Being durable and functional these bags meet the needs of daily life without compromising ethical standards. This range offers elegant handbags, practical totes and versatile crossbody bags; there is something for everyone in our vegan collection.

We focus on innovative, sustainable production methods, which means that when you buy one of our vegan leather bags, you are supporting a movement towards a more ethical fashion industry. Each bag is hand-crafted by our own team.

These bags allow you to make a positive choice while being stylish, practical, and completely animal free.