September 30, 2021

New Barns Farm is an Elvis & Kresse initiative and our new HQ, currently managed and operated by the on-site team. The ideal candidate will be able to take the lead on the farm but will have lots of help from the existing team. This is an amazing opportunity to help to grow a new venture literally from the ground up. Please email salary expectations and a CV to:

Regenerative Farmer Needed

New Barns Farm is a new, regenerative 17 acre farm. We are practising holistic planned sheep grazing and will be planting 10 acres of vines in the spring of 2022. We are keen to design using permaculture principles combined with a soil first focus.
We are looking for a part to full-time hands on farmer (job share welcome) to help us with sheep, vines, annual and perennial veg growing, managing volunteers, tree planting and farm development. Simple accommodation can be provided, to be upgraded within the first two years. Self-directed learning can be on-the-job, we will all be learning together.
The role will include improving soil health, caring for sheep, maintaining and harvesting vines, coordinating volunteers and on-site team members and developing additional agricultural initiatives that complement the vines and sheep. Our goal is for the farm to become financially viable while optimising biodiversity and soil health.
Candidates should be:
  • Passionate about regenerative agriculture
  • Skilled at communication
  • Motivated alone and in a team
  • Able to take responsibility top to bottom for;
    • livestock (we currently have 7 sheep, but the flock will grow)
    • shelter belt planting 
    • crop planting/harvesting
    • using machinery
    • managing volunteers 
    • planning and working collaboratively with the Elvis & Kresse founders and team

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