January 25, 2022

We are very lucky to be a part of a community of businesses (B-Corporations) that are doing their utmost to ensure that they work with nature and for society. What is amazing about this community is that each business is finding its own path. There are some common themes - living wages, vertically integrated supply chains, carbon tracking, repairs, renewables - and certainly a lot of companies have a specific tree strategy. 

One tree planted per sale? Ten trees? Whole forests to account/offset for the pesky fossil fuels you haven't managed to eliminate from your transport or manufacturing? If you are looking for organisations to plant with we can recommend Tree Sisters and Trees for Life.

Our strategy has just started, with our own planting at the farm. This means Elvis & Kresse are taking full responsibility for the planting and stewardship of the 4000+ trees and bushes that we aim to plant by the end of February 2022. We are planting a diverse range of native species including varieties of Cobnut, Cherry, Cherry Plum, Plum, Apple, Pear, Mulberry, Sea Buckthorn, Dogwood, Birch, Medlar, Juniper, Rose, Cistus, Arbutus, Pine, Holly, Oak, Elder and many, many more. We aren't linking these to purchases. We aren't using them as an offset. We are just doing it. Right now we feel that this is one of the best investments we can make in our valley, for our farm and for the future. 

This weekend we had some incredible helpers - in just over 3 hours we planted 165 trees. Each root was dipped in our own compost tea, and planted with our own compost. We have used off-cuts of our very own decommissioned fire-hose to protect the trees from rabbits. What an absolutely amazing day!

Tree Planting at New Barns Farm - ELvis & Kresse


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