February 11, 2020

If you are reading this than you are definitely aware of our mission to Rescue and Transform materials that would otherwise go to landfill. Many of you will also know that our home and workshop, Tonge Mill, was also something of a rescue.

Kresse Wesling and Elvis - Metro Magazine

We moved here in 2013 and most of the building had no heat or power. One of the central segments had a simple tin roof that was constantly misting condensed water back into the rooms below. Two of the loos were worse than the one in Trainspotting... yes, worse.

Waste Not Want Not - Elvis & Kresse - Metro Magazine

Today's Metro Newspaper has done a 3-page spread on how we brought this historic building back to life and converted part of the Mill into our home. There are lots of tips and tricks in there; if you are renovating on a budget, want to work with reclaimed materials, and are keen to get your hands dirty then look no further!

Restored Tonge Mill - Elvis & Kresse

And for those that didn't get a physical copy, Metro also published the piece online - you can read that here.

Home: Meet the couple who kitted out their home with discarded treasures - Elvis & Kresse

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