Leather Messenger Bags

- Sustainable Luxury -

Reclaimed | Ethical | Handmade

Elvis & Kresse's collection of leather messenger bags is designed for the modern urbanite who values sustainability and style. Our bags are made from rescued leather and trimmed with retired fire-hose and each messenger bag combines historical significance with a contemporary design.

These bags are perfect for work or casual use, featuring adjustable straps for comfort, internal pockets for organisation, and secure zipped pockets to keep your items safe. The durable trim ensures that your bag can handle the daily commute and the test of time and the rescued leather ensures a classic look and feel.

Investing in an Elvis & Kresse leather messenger bag also supports charitable causes as 50% of our profits are donated. With the Fire Fighters Charity we are supporting the fire service community, and with Barefoot College International we are fighting climate change by creating scholarships for women to train as solar engineers.

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