Womens Leather Bags

- Sustainable Luxury -

Reclaimed | Ethical | Handmade

Introducing our collection of womens leather bags at Elvis & Kresse, created for those that value both luxury and sustainability. As these pieces are all handmade from rescued leather and decommissioned fire-hose, each one is a truly unique environmentally conscious choice. 

Our womens leather bags are made from high quality rescued leather, sourced from the remnants of luxury goods production. This approach gives new life to high-quality materials and also reduces waste and environmental impact. The leather remnants are hand-cut, woven, and stitched together to produce the body of each bag. With durable fire-hose trim,  each bag ages beautifully and lasts for years!

The collection features a range of styles from elegant totes and sophisticated shoulder bags to versatile crossbody bags and chic clutches. 

We are also dedicated to ethical practices throughout our production process, which is why we hand make our bags across only two sites, both our own, by artisans who are paid fairly and work in safe, supportive environments. Elvis & Kresse is a certified Living Wage employer. 

Explore our collection of womens leather bags today. Choose a piece that suits your style and stand out with confidence.