Vegan Leather Accessories

- Vegan Luxury -

Reclaimed | Ethical | Handmade | Vegan | 'Leather Look'

Take a look at our collection of vegan leather accessories at Elvis & Kresse! We're all about mixing style with sustainability, making each item in our range crafted from premium vegan leather. Why are they vegan? Because they are made from decommissioned fire-hoses, reclaimed printing blankets and rescued nylon parachutes, and they contain no animal derived material.

Our vegan accessories range includes wallets, belts, card holders, and more, designed to offer durability and style. The pieces are perfect for those who seek luxury without an ethical compromise. 

All of our vegan accessories are produced using only rescued materials… so they aren’t just vegan, they also tell a powerful story of reuse and minimise environmental impact. By choosing from our collection, you contribute to a sustainable future and support the welfare of animals.

As these accessories are functional, fashionable, and ethically produced, they are an essential for the modern wardrobe.